Super-sexy romance with a dash of humor
Starting Over

Available February 13, 2017

45 pages.

Starting Over

Jessie Bellin’s business is failing, her house is falling apart, and the mortgage is ninety days overdue. With nothing left to offer, she’ll take what she can get from the handyman who wants nothing but her body. But when Mike Kaminsky suddenly asks for more, Jessie has to figure out exactly what she wants—and if it’s possible for a woman who’s lost everything to learn how to start over.

“Starting Over” is a short story. It was originally published as “Redemption” in the Summer Rain anthology.

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Praise for Starting Over

“I love Ruthie Knox. When she’s at her best, her writing hits me viscerally somewhere right between my sacrum and my solar plexus, low in my belly, hot and raw and a little bit uncomfortable in its urgency. [Starting Over] is a sad story — Jessie’s business is failing and her home is in foreclosure, and Mike has lost his wife, his business, and even his children to a familial betrayal — but as the title suggests, together Mike and Jessie may be able to build a better life than what they have lost.”

—Clio Reads

“I am a huge Knox fan. This story has everything I love about her work. The love is real and possible.”

—Cat’s Romance Novel Themepark

“An emotional and heartfelt story that touched my heart.”

—Irene on Goodreads

“Knox is pretty much always a safe bet, but she plain kills it with this sad, wintry tale of two lonely individuals who are dead certain they’re using each other to stave off utter despair. It’s sober and aching and simply lovely. I loved Jessie and Mike, their anger, their desperation, and the difficult choice they make in the end. So, so good.”



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