Super-sexy romance with a dash of humor
Madly (New York Series no. 2)(About Last Night Series no. 2)

Available March 14, 2017

300 pages.

978-0-345-54527-5 (eBook)

Madly (New York Series no. 2)(About Last Night Series no. 2)

An impulsive trip to New York City, a heartthrob from London, and a scandalous to-do list turn a small-town girl’s life upside down in this sultry romance from the New York Times bestselling author of Truly and About Last Night.

Allie Fredericks isn’t supposed to be in Manhattan, hiding in the darkest corner of a hip bar, spying on her own mother—who’s flirting with a man who’s definitely not Allie’s father. Allie’s supposed to be in Wisconsin, planning her parents’ milestone anniversary party. Then Winston Chamberlain walks through the door, with his tailored suit, British accent, and gorgeous eyes, and Allie’s strange mission goes truly sideways.

Winston doesn’t do messy. But after a pretty stranger ropes him into her ridiculous family drama with a fake kiss that gets a little too real, he finds out that messy can be fun. Maybe even a little addicting. And as the night grows longer, Allie and Winston make a list of other wild things they could do together—and what seems like a mismatch leads to a genuine connection. But can their relationship survive as their real lives implode just outside the bedroom door?

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Praise for Madly (New York Series no. 2)(About Last Night Series no. 2)

A Library Journal starred review

An RT Book Reviews Top Pick

An All About Romance "Desert Isle Keeper"

"A lovely story about unlikely lovers and family responsibilities and the secrets that families keep and those that nearly tear them apart. The secondary characters have their chance to shine and contribute to the happy ending. Highly recommended for all romance readers looking to be swept away." —Library Journal, starred review

"What Knox does so well is create these wonderful, emotionally wounded, real characters for us to relate to and root for and love. There's relationship drama, family revelations and more, as through this love story we take a look at identity, who we really are, and how we're seen by everyone — from those closest to us to strangers. A real treat." —RT Book Reviews, 4.5 stars

"Thoughtful, moving, charming and delightful, you’ll swoon over this wonderful love story." —All About Romance, "Desert Isle Keeper" designation

"The complicated relationships among the Fredericks family is again wonderful." —Heroes & Heartbreakers

"I was sucked into this story and couldn't put it down.  It was all just perfect and fit very well as a followup to Truly." —Red Hot + Blue Reads, five-star review

"Madly is romantically serendipitous, whilst being a fun quirky read. It was a pleasure to see the worlds collide and I look forward to the next novel in the series." —Relentless Romance

"An original, entertaining, sensitively written and thought-provoking read." —I Love Romantic Fiction

"It was a delight to read Knox's thoughtful prose again and to enjoy Allie and Winston's antics as their romance rockets from unexpected attraction to come to something truly special, something worth taking a chance on even if it seems a little mad to everyone else." —Ana Coqui, Immersed in Books

"This was the perfect book for me on a weekend where I was laid up with both a cold and a bruised leg. I was feeling out of sorts in so many possible directions, and Ruthie took me away to her New York for a whirlwind tour. Like so many of the author’s previous stories, this is a romance between two people who simply shouldn’t work together, but absolutely do. It just takes them a while to recognize it." —Reading Reality, five-star review

"A beautiful story about the enormous scope of love. Falling in love, letting go of love, discovering there never was love, reigniting love, and being reassured that love was always there." —Books by the Beach

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