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Let Me See the List

Only two weeks until MADLY is available everywhere! I’m very excited for you all to get to read Winston and Allie’s story.

I’ve also turned in the third and final New York book, COMPLETELY, to my editor. Here is a not-real, not-in-any-way-final blurb that will give you a taste of what COMPLETELY is all about!

Just before summiting Mount Everest, an avalanche forces a dramatic rescue, throwing together a darling of British media everyone calls Princess and a taciturn guide known as Dr. Doom. A whirlwind journey of the heart takes the unlikely pair from Kathmandu to New York City to small-town Wisconsin in the heartwarming conclusion of a beloved trilogy from New York Times bestselling author of Truly, Madly, and About Last Night.

Rosemary Chamberlain is overwhelmed and grieving as the helicopter takes her off Mount Everest just before she was to summit and launch her adventure climbing the Seven Summits for a much-anticipated inspirational book. Frantic about her near-miss and the tragedy of the avalanche, the only anchor available is the steady presence of Kal Beckett. In the first hours of the aftermath, they find solace in the life-affirming reality of each other’s bodies and their easy chemistry. In the days following, they have no choice but to journey home together — but their connection becomes complicated by the media, Kal’s controversial family, and Rosemary’s need to reconnect with the daughter she’s become estranged from. 

Everyone has decided that Kal Beckett is mad, bad, and dangerous to know, and on the mountain climbers call him Doctor Doom. What no one has ever bothered to learn is that his big heart is what gets him into the most trouble, and he has no defenses against the adorably frosty blonde who fate has decided is his companion. He’s decided that once the adrenaline has worn off, the heat between them will cool, except the more they end up together – escaping the press, hanging out with his loud and opinionated family, road-tripping across the country – the more adrenaline is starting to feel a whole like an emotion that could retire Doctor Doom forever. 

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