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Friday Giveaway: Saga Edition

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login iq option trading hours 26 thoughts on “Friday Giveaway: Saga Edition

  1. My dog is sooo excited for the better weather. he can’t wait to go outside to walk and he started this silly dance when he’s excited 🙂 Hope everyone has a wonderful holiday weekend!

  2. Seeing my 2 year old nephew always cheer me up, especially since he learned how to say my name and the fact he’s really happy to see me.

  3. I had a cold last week that morphed into a fever that’s left behind a nasty swollen bruise on my nose BUT I just found Bookbub! So everything balanced out!

  4. Sorry to hear about your lousy week, Ruthie. Hope you’ve finally got some Spring-like weather at least. Volunteering at my little one’s preschool again this week totally hit the spot as it always does for me. Oooh, graphic novels are only getting better, aren’t they. Matt Fraction’s got a new one out: “Sex Criminals”, which looks kinda awesome. Take Care & Happy Easter 🙂

  5. I’m home from my pretend vacation–that’s good. I get my own bed and own room again.

    I tried to read Saga but I couldn’t get into it. I’m terrible with graphic novels, but I teach them in my lit class so I was looking for something with strong female protags. This one has it for sure, but I just couldn’t sink in.

  6. I am very nearly at the end of my first trimester. It’s going to be 60 degrees + for as far out as they show the forecast on the news right now. Strawberries & cool whip frosting. All these things help.

  7. I’m reading Saga now as well, and really enjoying it! I’ve only read six issues so far, but I just don’t want to gobble it up too soon…

  8. If bite-sized Bit-o-Honey don’t count (and they should!), then I nominate the crazed squirrel that has climbed the cherry tree outside my breakfast room every morning this week to sit and pensively gnaw on a branch. It never gets old. 😉

  9. After I had to put one of my pets to sleep last week, I was feeling very, very blue. Then my daughter read my post, and added her own memories of our late Shadow. Shared memories, shared love, a smile every time.

  10. Sorry you had a lousy week. Nothing special happened in mine. I’m especially thankful for the long weekend. It’s the first one I’ve has since going back to work which makes it even better.

  11. My middle daughter won’t be coming home for Easter from college because her finals start next week, so we went down there yesterday to visit her. It was a beautiful day and we had a wonderful time.

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