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Friday Giveaway: MTV Edition, with Bonus Excerpt!

This week’s winner is Connie. Thanks to everyone who commented!


It’s Friday! Of release week! *pants as though I’ve run a race*

Seriously, it’s been crazy around here. Lots of release-week stuff, lots of excitement, lots of work revising Harder so I can get a final version turned in on Monday, and then, in the middle of all that, THERE IS AN ARTICLE ABOUT ME ON MTV NEWS.

See? Look, it’s real!

Deeper MTV


I can’t even take it. I was such an MTV-watching kid that Tabitha Søren is pretty much burned into my brain. Plus, it’s just amazing to see Deeper getting this kind of exposure for its message. I am all aglow with happiness.

In other news, it’s time for a second excerpt from the forthcoming Strangers on a Train paperback! Today’s is from Serena Bell’s Ticket Home, wherein a workaholic hero stages a sit-in on his ex-girlfriend’s daily train commute in order to convince her to give their relationship another try. And learns some things. Plus, there’s love!



Excerpt from Ticket Home

by Serena Bell

He was waiting for her on the platform at the end of the day, leaning against a pillar, a study in male nonchalance.

Her insides got tangled as her heart tried to leap at the same time her stomach tried to sink, and then she knew half of her had hoped he’d go back to Seattle, while the other half had been hoping just as hard he’d be here, on the train again.

Stupid workaholic Jeff with his stupid phone.

As she stepped through the sliding doors, he pushed himself up off the pillar, an uncoiling of muscle, and closed the distance between them. Aligning himself at her side, matching her stride.

She sped up, ran for the train, and he chased her, bounding on behind her and following her up the aisle.

There was, of course, no place to go. No way to get away from him. Unless—

There was a conductor at the end of the car, and she started toward him, but Jeff caught her wrist again and spun her around to face him. He was very close, so close she could see the circles under his eyes and the pale brown stubble on his jaw. So close she could remember the exact feel of that well-formed lower lip.

“No more games.”

It was a command. It was a growl. She felt it, everywhere.

“Do you know what I spent my morning doing?”

She shook her head. From behind her, someone said, “Excuse me,” and he sat abruptly in an empty seat and tugged her down to sit beside him. A group of passengers went by and distributed themselves into the seats beyond.

She tried to get up, but he held her firm.

“Jeff,” she protested. “You’re hurting me.”

He released her instantly, and she rubbed the place where his fingers had dug into her.

“Your little stunt this morning with the conductor got me detained by the transit police for questioning. Apparently they take ‘See something, say something’ very seriously in the year of the tenth anniversary of September Eleventh.”

“Oh, God,” she said. “Oh, God.”

“It’s okay. It turns out I don’t have a police record or obvious links with terrorist organizations, and I haven’t traveled out of the country in the last couple of years.”

“Jeff, I’m so sorry.”

“Yeah, well. You can make it up to me by not running away again. Okay? Just talk to me.”

She felt terrible about siccing the MTA police on him, but that didn’t mean she wanted to be trapped here with him. It didn’t mean she wanted to rehash bits of their relationship better left behind. And it definitely didn’t mean she wanted his body a few inches from hers, tension rolling off him like fog off the early-morning Pacific Ocean. If she let her eyes flicker sideways, she could see that even his thigh was tensed, the big bulge of muscle straining the wool of his dress slacks.

“I’m not playing games,” she said. “I don’t want to talk. I don’t want to fix things up. I want you to get off the train and leave me alone. It’s over.”

“And I want you to come home with me.”

He said it so simply, it stopped her dead.


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Strangers on a Train

by Meg Maguire

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And now for some giveaway action! Tell me your MTV memories — or if you don’t have any, do you have a story about you and the news? Ever been in a newspaper or on TV? Was it embarrassing? DISH! As usual, I’ll award a $10 gift certificate from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or iTunes to one commenter randomly chosen tomorrow morning. Have at it!

20 thoughts on “Friday Giveaway: MTV Edition, with Bonus Excerpt!

  1. I used to love MTV as a teenager but I’m almost sure that in Israel it’s MTV Europe and not the US one.
    I was on TV as a kid on the kids channel and I don’t even remember why only that it was with my class from school LOL

  2. Not me but my hubby was…twice. Once he was bombarded by cameraman and reporter when leaving the house. They wanted his opinion on the installation of parking meters in front of our house (we lived on busy avenue in Brooklyn, NY at the time. He was on TV for 2 seconds! The second time he was in the local paper and got a medal from work(her works for transit) for saving a toddler in scroller that rolled off the train platform and landed on the train tracks…we are proud of him but he is too humble.

  3. Congratulations — MTV NEWS! Woot! I was in the local paper when our house was on a garden tour (part of charity work for local AIDS organization). Nothing like sitting awkwardly on a bench with flowers around, waiting for the photo to be snapped and knowing that the garden was all really my husband’s work and he was going to give me the business when he saw the story and the photo. 😉

  4. MTV news! So exciting! I’m so happy you’re being recognized for such a powerful message. My MTV memories are mostly of The Real World – I used to LOVE that show. It’s not the same these days – I think the first 5 or 6 seasons were the best.

  5. In fifth grade, we were moving, and stayed at the house of my parents’ friends the last night. I was supposed to clean their house while they were at work, while my parents got ready to drive cross country. Instead of washing the sheets and cleaning the bathroom, I watched MTV for the first time, for over 4 hours. When my parents got back to get me, I was sitting in the middle of the dirty linens (still on the bed) in my pajamas, glued to the tv

  6. That is huge! Congrats! Loved Caroline and West, and so glad to see them and the story getting such publicity! I don’t really have a specific story about MTV, but I remember during jr. high and high school all my friends and I would get together and watch. We loved road rules and the real world. And there used to be this show called Undressed that was our favorite!

  7. When I was in high school, my best friends Wesley, Patrick, and I watched MTV for the very first time at Patrick’s house because he was the only one of us whose parents had cable. Thirty years later, we are still best friends!

  8. I didn’t watch MTV too much but I do remember being huddled in my college common room for the Thriller video world premiere.

  9. I remember when MTV appeared on the scene. We still had an old TV with a dial/nob and MTV was on channel 13–the last one on the dial. Damned exciting stuff.

    I have read Serena’s train story and it’s very lovely.

  10. Congratulations!!!! That’s awesome publicity! I remember watching the original Real World. It was sooo cool and riveting and now I can’t stand it lol 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

  11. When I saw the Hunter Moore news story last week, I thought of you. Well, more accurately I thought of your book, and I danced a little in triumph, and I hoped like mad that the charges would stick and that the arrest signaled a policy shift towards taking appalling behaviors seriously as crimes and supporting victims in a tangible way. We’ll see how it goes.
    I don’t know that I’ve ever been in the news, but I used to write for my local newspaper. Maybe that counts. 🙂 Cheers–

  12. MTV (and pretty much everything else) was strictly forbidden in my house growing up. I don’t think I even saw it until I was probably 15 or 16 at a friends house.

    The only time I have ever been in the newspaper was when I was teeny, tiny and my parents took me to a pro-life rally and paraded me around with big signs and we made the front page.

    To say the least I made a complete 180 from the very strict house I was raised in.

  13. Congratulations, Ruthie! Holy crap! MTV!?! Niiiice. Can I tell you that I just got chills when you mentioned Tabitha Soren. She was The Shit on that channel! So sharp. So monotone. So cool. I wanted her and Kurt Loder to just show up at my house and yank me out to wherever all of the truly smart and cool people like themselves hung out, and force me to hang out with them forever. Yeah, it was a lofty goal, I know, but I’ve always aimed high 😉

  14. I’m Canadian so we never really watched MTV much, we have our own version called MuchMusic. Same deal but just more Canadian content mixed in.

    As for TV, I was on the news once when I was in high school. We did this trip to a military barracks and they put us through the drills like they would new recruits before taking us on a tour. Unlucky for me, the camera crew caught on to my group so I was constantly on while we were taught the marching stuff and covered our ears at the firing range. It was fun though!

  15. I grew up watching MTV, back when they actually showed music videos, lol. My teenaged nieces watch it now but I never see videos for some reason.

  16. I don’t really have many memories of it although I do have a huge appreciation for music videos back in the day. But I never spent much time watching MTV when I was younger.

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