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Happy Birthday To Tom!


Thanks to everyone for commenting! Your comments made my day (which was very, very busy, which explains why I never got back to reply to you all)! It was hard to choose five winners, but choose I did:

  • Let Them Eat Cake, because she used the words “Humble pie! Except I would choose humble flan” in her comment (who wouldn’t)?
  • Shari, for loving the part where Tom ditches Lexie’s bike computer (I’d forgotten about that!) and for expressing the message of the book in such a lovely way;
  • Jenni, for the As I Lay Dying comparison (surely a first) — and get this, Jenni, one of my 2014 books has a reference to As I Lay Dying in it that you’re going to LOVE;
  • Serena, for being so happy that Tom will eternally be licking a tire in her mind;
  • and Tara, for, “I thought, ‘You are going to do great things with that tongue. Just wait.’

Winners will be emailed. Thanks to everyone for celebrating this first year of author-dom with me. May there be many more!


One year ago today, my debut novel, Ride with Me, was released, and I became a published author.

Ride with Me Cover

Happy birthday to Ride with Me!

Since then — wow. A lot of things have happened. I’ve published three more books (one novel and two novellas), contracted seven more, attended two conferences, quit my other job, and met a lot of wonderful people, including you guys.

I’ve sold rather a lot of books. Not, like, a world-shattering number, but enough that if anyone had warned me while I was writing the manuscript, I might have made some different choices. Because one minute, it’s just me and Tom and Lexie and the tent, and the next, there’s thousands of eyeballs peeking in. Aiee!

I’ve gotten a lot of reviews that make me bashful, they’re so glowing.

Me! On my bike!

Me! On my bike!

Writers whose work I admire fiercely have read my book. And liked it. Jill Shalvis, Carly Phillips, Sarah Mayberry, Jill Sorenson, Cecilia Grant, Meg Maguire, Del Dryden, Louisa James, Julie James, Leslie Kelly — I mean, are you serious? All of these people, and more, reading my book? Yes. That happened.

And then — then — Ride with Me made something like a dozen “best-of” lists for 2012.

So, yes. It’s been a crazy year. But a very good one.

Now, I’m not much for celebrating. Actually, anyone who knows me will tell you that I’m kind of crap at it. Usually, my celebrations consist of me reporting news to a few friends and my husband, often via email. And sometimes I will go out for Indian food for dinner and pretend that I wouldn’t have done that anyway.

But this seems to call for a little something more, you know? And while I’d love to celebrate by giving each and every one of my readers Tom, on the bordello bed, with a cupcake and some gifts wrapped in brown paper toweling, I can’t actually do that.

Or, rather, I guess I already have.

Instead, how about signed books?


Me and Kidlet with Ride With Me ARCs, last year. (Look how wee he is!)

I have five ARCs of Ride with Me up for grabs. And these aren’t just any ARCs — they’re my first ARCs, and they’re gigantic — 8.5 x 11, floppy, fun, with enormous Tom-chest on the front. They even have errata, which I enjoy pretending means that they’ll be collectible someday.

If you’d like one, leave a comment! Tell me something about Ride with Me — what you liked about it, some part that sticks with you after all this time, if it means anything special to you — and tomorrow morning, I’ll choose my five favorite comments. Winners will receive autographed books of their very own.

30 thoughts on “Happy Birthday To Tom!

  1. Honestly I loved the fact you showed a nice bit of tension and build-up to their relationship. Oh and one cannot stress enough the fun of the masturbation scene… I’m sorry it was just memorable. I liked that it wasn’t easy for them to make the choices they did but that in the end realized what they were gaining was worth every risk in the world.

    Congratulations on your wonderful year!! 🙂

  2. Ruthie! Huge congrats to you. Everything you’ve written up there is my dream, too. To have the authors you love and respect love and respect you. I’m so happy to have gotten to know you via Twitter and (FINALLY) prioritize reading one of your books. Alas, since How To Misbehave was the only Knox book, I’ve read, I can’t share any Tomisms…but that cover truly is a thing of beauty. 😉

  3. I love when Tom and his sister are talking on the phone, and the first impression you give us is that he fits the description of a crazed, perverted killer, and yet I was still attracted!

    I worked at National Geographic for years and this was the kind of story I imagined the female producers there would tell when they got back from their month in Malawi or hunting snakes in South America or climbing a volcano in Italy. But no. Most of their tales were about the sexism they endured from the local men who refused to believe they were in charge of the crew.


  4. Fab book. 2nd one I read after Nev. One of the best masterbate scenes out there and Tom’s response to it.
    Congrats 🙂

  5. ohhhhhh happy birthday to Tom!!

    I absolutely loved the banter between Tom and Lexie. I loved that you took us on this trip with them and I loved the relationship that developed between the two of them… and that night in the hotel room *fans self*. That definitely sticks with me… it has to be one of my favorite scenes in a romance novel I’ve read to date.

    Thank you for sharing Tom and Lexie and your ginormous arc’s with us!

  6. Happy Birthday to Tom, congrats to you, but we’re the biggest winners!! We get to read about all your hunky hero’s ! I loved the very beginning of Ride With Me, when Tom is talking to his sister, and she had found him a companion. ” He is a really nice guy, you’ve been emailing for months.” Of course we soon find out “Alex” is really nice, but in no stretch of the imagination a guy!
    Great picture of you and Kidlet with the astounded look on his face!! Thanks for the giveaway, would love a signed ARC.
    Thanks too, for all your all your sexy, entertaining, humorous stories!

  7. I adored when Tom threw the bike computer over the fence. I had a boyfriend ages ago who was obsessed with his bike computer. He wasn’t much fun to ride with, so that moment made me go YES!

  8. I have to say the thing that has stuck with me so much about Ride with Me is the adventure. I feel like I went on this trip with Tom and Lexie. It was one of the only books that really made me feel like getting out of my safe midwest bubble and taking on the country in such a fascinating way. Also I mean SWOONING over Tom never hurts 😉

  9. I haven’t read Ride with Me but based on the description and reader reviews I would love the chance to read it and having an autographed copy would be a fabulous way to do it. Thanks for the opportunity to try to win a copy!

  10. Before I comment on Ride With Me, I feel compelled to tell you that wherever it is that you’re riding in that photo, that’s where I want to go next. Also, your son is adorable. In the pic, he simply smacks of wholesome, innocent goodness…juxtaposed against a headless hottie. Sexy van Winkel meets Norman Rockwell – that’s an action flick I would see (as long as it starred Tommy Lee Jones in some sort of sleuthing capacity.)

    As to RWM, I loved the pie for breakfast. Humble pie! Except I would choose humble flan, which might be hard to pull off in diners throughout middle America, so let’s pretend I was cycling through Argentina. I also loved the Big Tree. Because it’s true. You have to see the big tree!

    The hot sauce competition was masterfully done – I read that part a few times, smiling all the while and cringing for Lexie’s stomach lining.

    But mostly, I loved the whole spirit of the book. The, “Yeah, I’ve got some time so why I don’t I just throw some extra socks in this bag and ride across the country? No big deal.” kind of thing.

  11. Happy Birthday!!! That is so exciting! I remember reading about Tom and Lexie – I loved their story, and loved travelling across the country with them, even when they weren’t so easy to get a long with 🙂 I have loved ALL of your books, I’m even halfway through How to Misbehave, and they are definitely giving some pointers 🙂
    Hope you get to celebrate BIG!

  12. I love when Tom throws Lexie’s GPS thingy away and they start being spontaneous and learning more about each other.

    The story had me worried when I started it…bike riding…really? But it moved at a good pace, I learned to feel the wind in my hair. I grew knowing you need to do something you always dreamed about. That love doesn’t come in a nice clean box. The bumps in the road can translate into bumps in life. You over come the road bumps, so why not the life ones too.

    I loved this so much, I have become a fan of Ruthie for life.

  13. I’ve been known to say I wouldn’t run if my bum were aflame, and I think we can safely say this extends to vigorous bike riding, as well. But for the two or three hours it took me to DEVOUR this book, it made me want to get on my bike and ride!

    I started dreaming up gentle sloping roads I could ride a bike in Ireland or through Nova Scotia.

    Ruthie, this book was an exquisite journey. And, as much as I love AS I LAY DYING (yes, yes yes yesssss yesssssssss yessss yes yessssss, darl), I think it’s safe to say Tom and Lexie beat a rotting corpse traveling across America any day!!!!

  14. I will never forget the hotsauce scene. Tom’s a tricky one, he is, with how he lined up those bottles. And Lexi is like the coolest heroine ever because she gave him a run for his money. I always love seeing a hero sweat, but it was super fun to see HER sweat! Gosh, that could not have been a physically attractive experience. But you could tell it just pushed all Tom’s buttons. FUN!

  15. Happy Birthday Tom!

    I just LOVED that the novel centered on a bicycling road trip! Both my husband and I love to cycle, although he’s definitely a lot more hard core than I, and in general just adore camping, hiking, outdoor activities.

    The scene that I’ll never forget? Lexie in the tent thinking about Tom and getting it on. Hot!

  16. The tent masturbation scene and the hot sauce scene are two of my favorite romance-novel scenes of all time.

    But when I think of RWM, the first thing I always think of is Tom licking the bike tire to seal the patch. Gah! Happy Birthday, Tom. I’m thrilled that you will never age but live eternally in that moment in my mind.

  17. First of all Congratulations on your one year anniversary of being a published author! I hope you’ll publish many more books for many years to come.

    Second, Ride With Me was the first book by you I read, I remember seeing a lot of great reviews on Goodreads from friends and people I follow their reviews and I saw that the book was only 2.99$ so I gave it a try and I’m so glad I did.
    The thing I loved most about the book was reading about the different places Tom and Lexie saw during their trip, especially since I don’t live in the US and I’ve never been to all this places.

  18. Congratulations on your one year anniversary! I liked where the duke entered the ballroom and the heroine . . . Oops; wrong book. I haven’t actually read Ride With Me Yet, but Dear Author still brings up this book even after one year. That means it made quite an impression. I plan to read it whether my name is drawn or not, but at least you know there are still readers that are just learning about your wonderful books and that equals new sales.

  19. I haven’t read Ride With Me yet, it’s on my nook wish list! I loved About Last Night and Room at the Inn! Just finished How to Misbehave and Along Came Trouble….LOVED…LOVED…LOVED! Can’t wait for Flirting …With Disaster to come out…Would love to win a print copy of Ride With Me…Thanks for all the fun reads!

  20. I love Ride with Me — and About Last Night too! So glad you’re a published author, because we readers reap the benefits. My favorite scene is the hot sauce scene. I’m a wimp when it comes to all things spicy and I was in tears just reading that scene…

  21. Happy 1st book Birthday to you and Tom (and Lexie cause she was great too)! I loved that Ride With Me took me on such a great ride (yes I know this is a lame) but really that is what I want out books. To be taken to places I haven’t been and see places I will probably never go to and Ride with me took me across our great country that I haven’t been able travel and probably never will! Throw in some hot romance and you’ll earn a fan for life in me.

    Most of the commenters have mention a few of my favorite scenes; the hot sauce scene, tent masturbation scene, I’ll add that I liked that they both kept getting distracted by whomever was riding in front.

  22. I’ll cut to the chase- I haven’t read it. I’ve only just this minute finished About Last Night, and I’ve ended up here ‘cos I’m already looking for the next Ruthie Knox story. I loved your style of writing and can’t wait to read more of your work 🙂

  23. This one is super easy because no matter how many books I’ve read and no matter how many steamy scenes Chapter 15 Tom & Lexie in the hotel room on her birthday TOPS. THEM. ALL!
    ” I love to get you naked when your still all dirty from the ride like this” Ya THAT scene!

  24. Happy Birthday Tom and congratulations on a year of being a published author Ruthie! I have loved every single one of your books and am looking forward to reading lots more of them in the future 🙂

    I didn’t actually read RWM until recently but I loved every minute of it. I’m a Brit who’d never even heard of the TransAmerica Trail before I started reading it and I’ve not been on a bicycle for at least 10 years but I had so much fun following Tom and Lexi on their journey. It was great to take an imaginary trip across America because it is something I’ll probably never get the chance to do in real life. I loved the banter between the two of them and the fact that Tom seems to have so many different personalities and Lexie never knew which Tom she’d be travelling with each day. The hot sauce scene was fun but I think my favourite moment between them was in the hotel on Lexie’s birthday and Tom says “I can’t screw you up against the wall on your birthday”. I wanted to shout yes you can LOL.

  25. Happy one year~! I read Ride With Me after I read About Last Night. I wasn’t sure if I would like it so I was hesitant to start it. But after reading it, I thought it was one of the cutest books ever! One of the most memorable parts for me was when they tried to out do each other in the hot sauce game. LOVED that! Looking forward to many more books from you 🙂

  26. Congrats on your success. I think you are a wonderful writer and I have enjoyed all of your books.
    The memorable moment in the book for me was when Lexie packed the wrong tube in her bike bag and felt all awkward about the situation. And Tom licking the tube to find the leak. I just thought, he is going to do great things with that tongue… just wait.
    I could totally relate to Lexie over preparing and then mistakingly goofing up. Been there, done that.
    I can’t wait for your next release. And I wish you continued success.

  27. Confession: bad bad fangirl here. I have yet to read Ride With Me * whispers with hands on both sides of hanging shame face*
    You had me at “City”/Nev and I’ve only moved forward, so to speak, from About Last Night.
    Would LOVE to win and read a Ride With Me arc! Mainly because it’s written by you and involves a hot romance, but also because it involves cycling! This is the only sport my husband both “plays” and watches on tv. Yes, we have gotten cable for the month that the Tour de France is on and then gotten rid of it again. Needless to say, a sexy cyclist other than my hubby and from the mind of Ruthie, is going to be a “thrill read” <—just made that up 😉

  28. I missed the party! I was traveling! Happy belated birthday and even though you have picked winners I just wanted to say I remember so well reading Ride with Me and the laughs it gave me! Wiping tears, that funny, (the licking the tire and also the hot sauce duel) and the steaming hot scenes that almost burned my e-reader 😛
    May the next ones be as great and awesome, like you! You’re always going to be on my list of must read! 😀

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