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#ROFLOL Hop! January 14-21

Time for another blog hop!

This one’s all about the funnies (ROFLOL stands for “rolling on the floor laughing out loud,” for any of you who might not be up with what the kids are abbreviating these days), celebrating Elise Sax’s debut novel, An Affair to Dismember, which releases later this month. I’ve had a chance to read the book, and it’s funny indeed. I recently interviewed Elise for Ruthie’s Reality; that will go up at Romance at Random on January 21, which is the last day of the hop.

Prizes from Random House include:

–A $25 e-gift card grand prize
–Four winners receive one copy of An Affair to Dismember by Elise Sax and Crazy Thing Called Love by Molly O’Keefe
–Three winners receive a copy of An Affair to Dismember
–One winner receives a Mashup of books from Random House!

Use this Rafflecopter widget to enter for the prizes from Random House:

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In addition, I’m going to throw in my own prize: I’ll give away five copies of my January 28 release, How To Misbehave, to selected winners (prizes to be sent on release day, one week after the hop ends).

Use this Rafflecopter widget to enter for a copy of How To Misbehave:

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23 thoughts on “#ROFLOL Hop! January 14-21

  1. The last thing that made me laugh so hard, wiping tears even, was listening to an audio recording by Xe Sands about a guy who tazered himself… honestly, it was hilarious! I can share the link here, if you say it’s OK… ?

  2. A friend just sent me a You Tube link that was hilarious. She just said, “It’s short and funny”, but didn’t say what it was about. Turns out it was a European condom advertisement that was rather creative. Europeans have the best commercials.

  3. Ist my favorite color is purple. I work in a school kitchen and I serve food to the students. The kindergartens say some of the funniest things. The other day while they were waiting in line for their lunch tray one of them “We dont have all day lets get this done” he must have heard that from some adult before. Each day a student always have something to tell you that makes you smile or a good laugh for the day.

  4. What a great giveaway 🙂
    One of my all tine fav TV shows is Friends and I find myself laughing at the same jokes over and over again- it’s like I can’t get enough and even after watching an episode 10 times I still find it funny so when I need to laugh I’ll watch Friends.
    I also love books that make me ROFLOL- one of the things I love about your books is how funny they are.

  5. I follow a blog this guy writes and he was talking about when he and the wife bought a new mattress. They slept great the first few nights but then they tried to have sex and it was a disaster. I laughed so hard I cried. After some acrobatics, they ended up having sex on the floor and returned the mattress the next day.

  6. Funniest thing lately was the book “Three Men in a Boat” by Jerome K. Jerome. I’ve learned NOT to read the book in public, as I can’t help from laughing out loud and looking quite demented. Here’s a quick sample: I can’t sit still and see another man slaving and working. I want to get up and superintend, and walk round with my hands in my pockets, and tell him what to do. It is my energetic nature. I can’t help it.

  7. The last thing that had me laughing hysterically was my daughter dancing around in the bathroom.
    She’d just showered & was singing at the top of her lungs (which is funny enough), but it was taking her a long time to dry off. My sister was over that evening, and from where she was sitting she could see the shadows under the door of my daughter dancing around the bathroom. My son decided to walk up to the bathroom door & say, “Stop dancing around naked in the bathroom, little girl”. My sister and I are laughing out loud by now. My daughter shrieked, “OMG…How did you know?” At that point, I about peed my pants! It was just too funny!

  8. Being Human (US version) season 1…the episode where they visit Josh’s parents and Aidan ingest garlic and he goes all vampy. OMG, my daughter and I laughed so hard it was a good half hour before we were able to continue watching the show.

  9. Of course I know ROFLOL. But a favorite of mine is lshiticar. laughing so hard I think I cracked a rib. I have seen it used in different places. And it always makes me laugh first because of the naughty word in the middle!! LOLOL Ok, so I am a 6th grader at heart. But I cant help it.
    My favorite color in general is red….but the blue in the ocean can make me sigh….and the pink of a flamingo can make me smile….and the distinct white color of the sand on beautiful sombrero beach or cocoa beach can make me feel the sand beneath my toes and remember the two cold cloudy days on them. So I suppose I have loads of different favorite colors.
    Happy Monday!!

  10. The top posts from 2012 on “D@mn You AutoCorrect” as reported by BuzzFeed win, hands down. The friend who sent me the link tried reading it while on her lunch break at work (it’s definitely NSFW!) and had to put it aside until later because she was laughing too hard and was afraid someone would ask her what she was laughing at (she’s still the newbie there and hasn’t yet shared her juvenile sense of humor with her coworkers. They still think she’s “normal” ;)). I was very glad I read them in the privacy of my home!

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