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Release Day for How To Misbehave!

Thank YouIt must be release day, because I’m already so very tired of talking about myself!

So I’ll just say a few things, quicklike. First, that How To Misbehave is out today, and for the low, low price of ninety-nine cents, it will make you laugh. And possibly also squirm with pleasant feelings of lust and happy love flutters. And probably it will also make you cry, if you’re the sort of person who bursts into tears at movie trailers, like me.

Second, If you join my mailing list (sign up here), you can enter a special contest — five winners get to share the love and give away two copies of How To Misbehave to other people (or to themselves, if they must). Join today or tomorrow, and I’ll send along a copy of the newsletter you just missed with contest info.

And third, I wanted to say thank you. If you’re a new reader or you’ve been with me since Ride with Me came out — if you’ve never read my books but are considering it — if you’re a book reviewer, a frequent commenter, a quiet lurker — thank you. I never thought I’d become a novelist. I never knew I’d have an audience.

It’s pretty great.


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How To Misbehave

What woman can resist a hot man in a hard hat? Beloved author Ruthie Knox kicks off her new Camelot series with this deliciously sexy original novella, in which a good girl learns how to misbehave . . . with all her heart.

As program director for the Camelot Community Center, Amber Clark knows how to keep her cool. That is, until a sudden tornado warning forces her to take shelter in a darkened basement with a hunk of man whose sex appeal green lights her every fantasy. With a voice that would melt chocolate, he asks her if she is okay. Now she’s hot all over and wondering: How does a girl make a move?

Building contractor Tony Mazzara was just looking to escape nature’s fury. Instead, he finds himself all tangled up with lovely Amber. Sweet and sexy, she’s ready to unleash her wild side. Their mutual desire reaches a fever pitch and creates a storm of its own—unexpected, powerful, and unforgettable. But is it bigger than Tony can handle? Can he let go of painful memories and let the force of this remarkable woman show him a future he never dreamed existed?

E-book novella. 96 pp; 30,000 words. ISBN: 978-0-345-54530-5. Publication date: January 28, 2013.


Ordering information for How To Misbehave

Oh, and also there’s an excerpt here.

8 thoughts on “Release Day for How To Misbehave!

  1. This is the first book of yours and loved both H&h. But I really hope you can tell me if Patrick will get a story w a happy ending?

    1. Hi, Jess – thanks for reading! So glad you enjoyed it.
      I would very much like to write a happy ending for Patrick. But I haven’t done it yet — so there may be a bit of a wait! (Sorry.)
      Thanks for stopping by. 🙂

  2. Congrats Ruthie!!!! I’ve been a fan since RM started praising Ride With Me! You definitely got his attention and mine too. Each of your books get better than the next…..I want to live in Camelot. :). Keep writing, please……..

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