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Friday Giveaway: Brrrrrrr!

This week’s winner is Jaime! Thanks to everyone who commented — and stay warm!


What a weird winter it’s been! Balmy just a few days ago, and today it’s frickin freezing. I took a hike even though it was 12 degrees and snowing. I like hiking in the winter — the dead winter landscape interests me just as much as the summer one. I’m a four-seasons kind of gal.

In writing news, it was a great week for me. I sent the naked beekeeper book off to critique partners and have been getting back very positive reviews, as well as great ideas for improvement, so that’s exciting.

From the Bent Objects blog by Terry Border -- click image to view blog

From the Bent Objects blog by Terry Border — click image to view blog

I also signed and mailed off contracts for a serialized novel that I’m going to do with Loveswept in the fall called ROMAN HOLIDAY. Some of the planning for this one is still in the works, but I can tell you that right now it looks like the first episode will come out August 13, and there will be weekly episodes in two “seasons” (like a TV show), with a break in the middle. The hero’s name is Roman, and he’s Cuban-American (raised in Wisconsin; lives in Miami). It’s a road-trip book, kind of zany, but also sexy, angsty, fun — all the good stuff, plus lots of cheesy kisses like that one –>

Can’t wait to share more news about ROMAN HOLIDAY as it comes down the pike! This is a big experiment for me and for Loveswept both, so fingers crossed that it turns out to be the good kind of experiment, rather than the kind that slithers out of the lab beaker and terrorizes Chicago.

In other news, I’m part of a hop that’s currently running, so check it out if you’re interested. Prizes include gift certificates and copies of Elise Sax’s funny debut novel, An Affair To Dismember. I’m going to be interviewing Elise for Ruthie’s Reality on Monday. She’s a hoot!

How To Misbehave comes out in just ten days! Can’t wait to unleash the Italian Stallion on y’all. Both How To Misbehave and the first full-length Camelot book, Along Came Trouble, got starred reviews in Library Journal this week, which is a big honor. Along Came Trouble also gets a 4.5-star review from RT Book Reviews in the March issue. So much anticipation! *keels over*

And lest you think I’m all self-promo all the time, here’s an adorable video of dumb ways to die, shared by Claudia:

So is it cold where you are? How are you keeping warm? What are your solutions for hat hair? And am I the only one who never gets around to washing her winter coat? Leave a comment to enter for a chance at a $10 gift certificate from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or iTunes — winner’s choice. As per usual, I’ll choose one random winner tomorrow morning & post here on the blog. Include your email address in the appropriate contact field if you’d like to be contacted if you win. Happy Friday!

25 thoughts on “Friday Giveaway: Brrrrrrr!

  1. I don’t need a coat this winter–I’ve got my hormones to keep me warm! Drivers give me odd looks as I drive around with my windows down and it’s 32 degrees. I want to tell them, “No, I’m not smoking a cigarette; I’m just smokin’ hot!”

  2. Its getting back to normal here in AZ now. Thank goodness. I love sitting in the swing out back to read. Sublime in the sun yesterday….B-)

  3. We’re in the same state and it’s coooooold!!

    Also happy birthday to me!! New stuff from you the day after I turn… 25…. er… 🙂 LOL

    Loved both of your new stories coming out and I can’t wait for more!!

    Happy Friday!

  4. In Connecticut and we have been pretty lucky – it hasn’t been too cold. Weathermen say next week is going to be single digits though – oh well – It’s New England! I ALWAYS forget to wash my winter coat until it it too late!

  5. Well here in N.C. We had 60’s yesterday, and down to 30’s today! I never wear a winter coat enough to wash it! LOL. Dragging it out today though. I’m sitting in front of our fire with a vanilla latte and thinking about what book to read next. What a life….. 🙂

  6. It’s not bad here in southwest Missouri today and today is supposed to be even better. I believe it’s supposed to be in the mid or high 50’s, that’s unusual for us this time of year. I always buy a washable coat and I’ve only had to wear it once so far this winter.I’m babysitting my 3 year old granddaughter today so I won’t get the chance to get out and enjoy the great weather until later this afternoon. I’m looking forward to a lazy weekend.

    seriousreader at live dot com

  7. The weather here has been pretty good. Cold in the morning but warming up to high 50’s . Love winter 🙂 My solution to hat hair, don’t take the hat off lol.

  8. THAT is the cutest lil video:) It IS cold here then warm then cold then warm now cold bleech.
    Hat Hair >>>solution, extra hair spray.
    My winter coat has to be dry cleaned, ugh.
    Have a Happy Happy:)

  9. As per normal Texas weather is crazy. I think we were up into the 70’s yesterday but it was actually sleeting and snowing while thundering on Tuesday. As the saying goes if you don’t like the weather stick around for a day it will change. But other than the crazy ass weather, things are improving, well except my husband now has strep throat…but he really, really needed a few days off work. So all’s good!

    To answer your question. I wash my kids coats pretty often…but I don’t wear my dress coat often enough for it to need cleaned. I usually layer on long sleeve t-shirts, hoodie or big pull over. It is after all Texas.

  10. It’s not cold where I live- the high is 68 and the low is 48.
    Last week we had a big storm with tons of rain and even snow in a lot of places so it was cold (again cold for Israel- nothing like 12 degrees you have LOL).
    Most os the winter it’s not cold at all and I think for people who are used to really cold winter it won’t feel like winter at all.

    It only gets really cold at night at some places- like up north, in the mountains and in the desert.

  11. Today it is supposed to be 40 degrees in Iowa, but turn colder tomorrow. I don’t wash my winter coat until it looks bad, but I don’t wear a winter coat unless it is really cold. I usually throw on a sweatshirt or a light coat. I will try to stay inside when it gets really cold. I am looking forward to reading How to Misbehave.
    Hopefully it will warm up for you soon. Have a great weekend!!

  12. Congrats on ROMAN HOLIDAY!
    I’m reading the Italian Stalion in HOW TO MISBEHAVE NOW.
    LOL on Dumb Ways to Die. Now I will have that song stuck in my head all day.
    P.S. will be directing people to your site today to listen to the song. Hopefully none of them will be serial stalkers. Unless they also love romance novels. Then that would probably be okay.

  13. Got so excited about your books and the violent cartooney music video that I forgot to say…Seattle is gray and foggy, has been for 4 days, and probably will be until June. It’s not cold because the stupid fog is insulating us from the winter, which is apparently happening somewhere above or outside of the fog. Oh, and there’s a burn ban, so no cozy fires.
    I never wash my coats. Sometimes the neighbor’s dog licks my coat. That might count in some circles.

  14. cold….cold…cold….even the hot flashes aren’t helping! My solution for hat hair is no hat! I am convinced that no hat looks good on me….

  15. Oh my I’m freezing here. This is my first real winter in my life. I have always grown up in areas where there was like one season. However, I will survive and I hope we can go back to the southern states in a few years. This winter stuff is not for me.

    I have been keeping warm by blankets and heater with a nice book.

  16. It has been cold here in Kentucky. I try to stay in as much as possible especially since the flu is going around bad here. I have had my flu shot but better safe than sorry.
    Congrats on the upcoming releases. Stay warm all!

  17. You’re supposed to wash winter coats? Oops!
    Its weird where I live. Its cold and sunny. The Winter is nothing but an excuse for me to stay inside and read books. I saw this cool TV stand that’s a plug-in fireplace and I’m considering getting it for my bedroom so I can lay by the fire as I read.

    Congrats on your stars for misbehaving!

  18. OMG! That’s so funny, today it’s like 30 degrees cooler than 2 days ago and I’m in Florida! On Wednesday it was 80 degrees! So, we keep thinking- Okay it’s back to warm weather-and we put away the scarves and coats, then we get them back out again.
    So excited about your book news, can’t wait to read them. I’m sure Roman Holiday will be a success, pretty much like everything you write ;D
    Blog Hop is fabulous, love meeting new authors, specially funny ones! 🙂

  19. I wear my hair in pony tail so I don’t worry about hat hair. I wear sweater instead of a coat, I hate coats to confinning I excited for your book to come out.

  20. Unfortunately, my hair is stick straight and vigorously resists any styling. So my hair looks the same- hat head or no hat head. On the plus side, it doesn’t matter if my hair gets rained on!

  21. I’m from outside Buffalo originally and was stuck during the Blizzard of ’77 for FOUR DAYS at a farm house with the kids on my school bus — wearing gauchos (anyone remember them?) and platforms. Worst fashion mistake ever. I’m now in living in balmy Pittsburgh, and I keep warm by NOT traveling to Buffalo. 😉

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