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Friday Giveaway: School Picture Edition

This week’s winner is fishgirl182! Which reminds me — the kids at preschool were asked what they wanted to be when they grew up. Kidlet’s reply? “A fish.”


Happy Friday, everybody! It’s been an odd week here, up and down for my writing, full of behind-the-scenes updates and the exciting news of a Romantic Times nomination for About Last Night in the Contemporary Love and Laughter category (see me there, sandwiched between Rachel Gibson and Susan Elizabeth Phillips? Holy moly!).

I’m nearing 75,000 words on my work in progress, flailing around a little bit but angling in the general direction of the Black Moment, which is always torturously good fun. But the most exciting thing to happen this week? Kidlet got his first school pictures.

Oh, my lands, they are cute.

And that puts me in mind of the school pictures of yore — the blue backdrop (no fancy “library” backdrop for my household), the high expectations and tension leading up to that one moment when you got a chance to smile just right, and no hope of do-overs.

I remember so many of my school pictures. The first-grade picture (above) when I wore my Cabbage Patch locket and the despised teacher “fixed” my hair at the last minute into a style I hated. The third-grade picture, in which I had extra bottom lip due to chapping from weeks of compulsive licking. The sixth-grade picture, where I wore my new glasses (gigantic, their clear frames now fashionable again) and a pair of wooden feather earrings that I thought were quite chic. (Couldn’t find that one.) So many pictures!

How about y’all? In the comments, tell me a school-picture memory to be entered in today’s giveaway for a $10 gift certificate to Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or iTunes. I’ll choose a random winner tomorrow morning and notify them by e-mail.

32 thoughts on “Friday Giveaway: School Picture Edition

  1. I think my best school photo memory was in sixth grade when I decided I NEEDED crimped hair for my picture. My mom spent hours the night before painstakingly crimping all my hair and I wore a cowboy styled button up shirt. To this day I look at that photo and think, “What the hell was wrong with me?”

    1. Oh, crimped hair! I did that. Thankfully, I never owned an actual crimper, so I had to content myself with using my friends’. And I never did it for a picture.

  2. I remember my 5th grade picture. I thought I was something else with my white turtleneck shirt with a sting of pearls. Then there was the disaster of 6th grade, where I was wearing a pink lion shirt with sparkles. My bangs were a little long, so I had to put on a giant pink headband with white polka dots. Not the best picture. Then I had my eyes closed. After that my mom refuse to buy school photos. However, that pic lives on in a year book.

  3. You are braver than me – I would never want to share my pictures. I can tell you that in every elementary picture I had pigtails with cotton ribbons. My favorite was 3rd when I was missing my 4 front teeth – Oh Boy! The huge smile, minus teeth.

  4. Oh Ruthie…you have brought back memories!!! I had very tight curly hair, and EVERY year the teacher or photographer would work to try and tame it!!! But when I got to high school, I solved the problem by ironing it….. I’m lucky I still have hair!

    1. So funny — I always thought photographers were such an intrusive bunch. Either touching your hair or asking if you had a boyfriend (which I never did, so it was WAY worse).

  5. Contemporary Love and Laughter -how perfectly categorized for “About Last Night.”

    The school pix burned in my memory is of me in faux leather jeans that just happened to be green, with a matching green and black stripped shirt, and…a Geri Curl.

  6. Congratulations on your nomination Ruthie, very well deserved. I went through a huge dangly earring phase too – which one of my high school photos will attest to. These were really bloody heavy wooden ones though which I struggled to wear all day. Ah the vanity of youth 🙂 Feathers sound like a much more sensible option.

  7. My 4th grade pix. Urgh. I had my hair cut about a week before. At the salon they have me side swept bangs, very pretty. But when I fixed it, I slicked those bangs down before the side sweep. Mom kept telling me it wasn’t a “good” look, but of course I knew better. Those pictures were AWFUL. It looked like I had a jar of vaseline slicking those puppies flat against my forehead. my grandkids LOVE to point out how funny Grandma is. Sigh. Nice to know I can make em laugh.

  8. Picture morning, mom realized all of us girls needed our bangs trimmed. Could not find scissors. But she found the pinking shears. Do you know what those are?? LOL They weigh about 5 pounds. And they make a zig zag cut. My mom was a sewer. 🙂 I cant say they actually made our bangs into zig zags. haha But I will never forget her wielding those heavy chunky things to trim our bangs. haha

  9. I hated school pictures. I just didn’t understand them. One of my funniest school pics was 7th grade when I had a big spiral perm (hey it was the 80s). My friend still teases me about it today.

  10. My freshman year of hs, I had long hair that (unfortunately) had lighted at the ends thanks to a summer in the sun. However, because my hair is a dark brown, the ends looked orange! I still hate that picture!

  11. No need to enter me in the contest, Knoxy, but I will lay down my best school picture day scenario for you. Me: 1990, fifth grade, bit chubby, even more freckles than now. Home perm, bangs included. Pink-framed glasses, Simpsons tee-shirt (my pride and joy, bought with allowance money from Spencer Gifts) topped off with my super-sweet 2″-wide hologram disc earrings from Claire’s Accessories. Yeeeah…needless to say, my mom didn’t have any rules about dressing classily for picture day. And hence every school photo is a time capsule shot of what I believed was cool, in any given September.

  12. oh when i was in first grade. I had a side ponytail with a hot pink sparkle ribbon with a white dress. The best part I smiled really big and since i used to grind my teeth it was a nice gummy smile.

  13. I actually just went threw old pictures this past weekend with my oldest daughter while trying to find all hers and my other daughters school pictures to put in one of those frames that count 1st-12th grade. It was fun looking at them all but I gladly hid all mine back away because they are just scary. My daughters are all nice and pretty with her professionally cut hair while everyone of mine shows off my hand me down or good will clothes and my mothers hair cutting skills. Which were none, zero, zilch and it showed. I had chili bowls, mullets, bad perms, nearly no hair (which is really bad since I have extremely thick hair)…you name it I had it. Add in my scraped up face from always falling and I was a mess!

  14. School pictures… I am anxiously awainting my two kiddos pictures.
    My school picture story is about my sister…there are three years in a row she wore the same shirt in her picture – not on purpose – it just happened it was a favorite shirt. She also would go to school with a note stating the teacher was not allowed to touch her hair!

  15. I don’t remember any excitement over school pictures other than when they started letting us select which color background we wanted. I think there were five or six options and there was epic amounts of debate between my friends and I as well as with my parents over which outfit would look good with what background. I think I ended up going with green.

  16. Second grade. You know how they used to give you a comb on picture day, like some sort of party favor? Well, I was having a little too much fun combing my hair and ended up winding the comb up like a roller until it got stuck against my scalp.

    My poor mother tried peanut butter, conditioner, and probably some other things that my subconscious has repressed, and ended up–you guessed it–snip, snip. It took a year for that clump of hair to grow out. But, hey, I looked smashing for my third-grade picture:)

  17. Happy but not surprised about the nomination. Yay!

    1955: No front teeth uppers or lowers, left eye crossed. (Finally grew out of that.)
    1959: Fever of 103, face as red as the blog background, eyes half-mast. Body listing about 20 degrees off plumb.
    1963: School insisted on taking photos about 1/2 hour after we learned JFK had been assassinated. Pale, shocked, swollen eyes.
    College graduation: Tried new makeup base, developed giant hives on face and throat during the session. Photographer did not notice.

  18. I can only remember my WORST school picture. The picture my mother VERY happily sent out to EVERYONE. It was freshman year of high school. I FORGOT to bring a comb or brush to school that day. I had PE, before my pictures… Just imagine how my hair was….. 🙁

  19. Mine was a class picture, junior high. The photographer said something stupid and I was choking back a laugh. I’m right in the front center, with the most inane expression on my face. I was also bigger than everyone else and horribly dressed in a plaid shirt and jeans, as the icing on the cake.

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