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Friday Giveaway: Friday Songs Edition

This week’s winner is Angie H., who was randomly chosen, but whose comment about “Billie Jean” made me snort aloud. Congrats, Angie! I hope y’all will come back next week to play again.


I always run on Friday mornings with my trusty iPod Shuffle plugged into my ears. Usually, I’m working out tricky plot problems, and I don’t pay much attention to the music. But on the bad days — the slow, plodding days where I just want to go home and bake and then eat an entire tray of cookies — the music becomes the most important thing in the world.

I like to run to awful music. And I am not ashamed.

My two favorite current songs are both Friday songs. Here they are, for your enjoyment!

Rebecca Black’s “Friday”:


Katie Perry’s “Last Friday Night”

I have to say, I’ve never seen either of these videos before, and they are fairly awful. My friend Leah provides me with most of my running music, and I usually don’t even know what the songs are called, much less who sings them and whether they are eleven years old. (Rebecca Black is an INFANT! No one told me!)

Whatever. I still fucking love both of these songs, and they make me run fast.


Do you have favorite music that is also sort of a little bit shameful? Special exercise or housecleaning songs that you just can’t do without? Comment to enter! I’ll choose a random winner tomorrow morning to win a $10 gift card to Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or iTunes — winner’s choice.

18 thoughts on “Friday Giveaway: Friday Songs Edition

  1. I love PSY’s Gangnam Style. My favorite running (read “treadmill”) song is “Sexy Chick” by Akon! Ruthie, did you know there’s a ‘Friday’ song for every day of the week -all equally as bad. Google it!

  2. Just in case you feel like those songs aren’t shameful enough, I will add that I also run to a lot of NSync and Justin Timberlake. And I refuse to be embarrassed. I love NSync. There. I said it. Shun me if you must.

  3. I’m ashamed that my housecleaning music is….well it’s pretty bump-y and grind-y. It sounds like a titty bar on housecleaning days. (I can say that, right? No need to pretty it up with “gentlemen’s club”?)

  4. I absolutely hate mopping floors….the get up and go mopping song….Warning by Green Day. I can shake my ass and mop at the same time….multy talent!

  5. I love to listen to the 80’s Hair band music. I have even got my young nieces & nephews to loving all of them 🙂 I also love Nickelback (some people consider that a dirty little secret, lol)

  6. For me, lately it’s been Beyonce’s Love on Top, don’t know if that one’s shameful, but there’s one: Blow my Whistle. I’ve been singing it without paying much attention to the lyrics…. Love the beat, though! And they play it on the radio like every 10 minutes!

  7. I wish Jenni and Michel were my neighbors! I never know where to find music to make me shake my bum or pretend I live in a titty bar. None of my neighbors could help me with such things.

  8. My I-Pod had a very eclectic mix on it but every now and again I love to bring out the old school music like Ice Ice Baby, Wild Thing and Bust-A-Move. Those will always get you moving!

  9. Ruthie, you closet tween! Well, not anymore, right? 😉
    Please file this under: Mama’s Extra-Special Shame:
    So, it seemed like a good idea to play some Michael Jackson via YouTube for our little one awhile back. It was a live version of him performing Billie Jean, doing the moon walk, wearing one glove, squealing, etc. and we were all dancing around the living room having a charming family moment. What I wasn’t expecting was our precious, innocent, angel three year-old daughter to start singing the following MONTHS later, “Billie Jeanssss, not my luvvurh. She’s a girl. The kid is not my son.”
    Yeah, that one’s just a wee bit harder to explain than Bob Marley’s “No Woman No Cry” or Johnny Cash’s “Five Feet High and Rising” *hangs head in shame over laundry basket at the memory*

  10. Back when I had the motivation to hit the treadmill on a routine basis, I ran to Eminem. My favorite album was the Eminem Show. Love me some hot-ass white rapper up here in the hood (I really do live in a hood. Yes, Seattle has a hood.)

  11. I never listen to pop music and wouldn’t recognize the song on its own, but I love that Katie Perry video – it’s hilarious. My musical taste tends to be alt rock, however, I also love Neil Diamond, Journey, and Elton John, and whenever those come up, I crank them up and sing along.

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