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Labor Day Hop

Labor Day Blog Hop!

We have winners!

The first prize winner is Mel Bourn, who had to clean restaurant and construction site bathrooms. Yuck!

Second prize goes to The Hook, who has the misfortune of working in a hotel.

Third prize goes to Barbara Elness, who had to serve fruit punch samples out the drive-through window of a dairy store.

Thanks for playing everyone! I’ve contacted the winners — hope the rest of you will come back for the next hop.


It’s time for another blog hop! The lovely people of Romance at Random are giving away zillions of free books (okay, not zillions — but 10, plus a $25 gift certificate, plus 5 chances to get acknowledged in Elisabeth Barrett’s next book), and I’m giving away my own prizes, too!

First-prize winner gets a $15 gift card to Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or iTunes and a copy of either About Last Night or a preorder copy of my next release, a Christmas novella called Room at the Inn that will be coming out as part of an anthology in December — winner’s choice.

Second-  and third-prize winners also get a copy of either About Last Night or Room at the Inn — winner’s choice.

Ready to play? Since it’s a Labor Day giveaway, let’s talk work. What’s the worst job you ever had?

Tell me in the comments, leave your e-mail address in the field (no need to put it in the body of the comment) and I’ll choose random winners and contact them on September 16!


To enter for a shot at the prizes at Random House, use this Rafflecopter widgety thing:

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Or visit the other participating blogs to see what prizes they have on offer!


53 thoughts on “Labor Day Blog Hop!

  1. The worst I guess would be working in a kennel but even that wasn’t too bad. The animals were great 🙂

    Thanks Ruthie! Hope you have a great weekend!

  2. Worked for a day at an amusement park as part of a senior class fundraiser. I was assigned to one of the fast food joints. Opened a box of potatoes that were rancid! I have never been back to that park EVER.

  3. My worst job was as a unit secretary at a hospital which is the person that answers patients call/help button. You know the one. “I want juice” “I need to go to the bathroom” “I need more pain medicine” “I need more pain medicine NOW” “Hello…Hello” Imagine answering it a couple hundred times a day!

  4. My worst was my first. I worked at Burger King for over a year while in high school. Eventually I became a cashier or worked on the line putting together sandwiches, but when I started, I had to work the fryer. Ugh, I could literally scrape the grease off after work, and it was hell on my teenage acne.

  5. I am pretty lucky; I’ve enjoyed all of my jobs. But the worst *day* on the job might have been the one where my silk dress ripped about a foot down the back seam in a very disastrous location. Than heavens tights and a loooooong cardigan co p,eyed my ensemble that day.

  6. I worked for the local convenience store making sandwiches (3rd shift) during high school. I would work from 9 pm to 1 or 2 am and than go to school. Sometimes I would also have to help deliver donuts to the different locations before going to school. I usually ended up working Sunday through Thursday nights. It wasn’t a hard job it just got to be long nights and I didn’t get a lot of studying done.

  7. One summer weekend when I was a college student I had to dress up in a bear costume (it was a town mascot sort of, ugh!) as a promotion for a furniture store. I stood outside and waved to people for 3 days over a long weekend. It was in July and was the hottest weekend of the summer. It was AWFUL!!

    smwr324 (at) yahoo (dot) com

  8. I haven’t had too many jobs but the worst one was probably when I worked at a Hallmark-type store in the mall. The owners were whiny and constantly complaining about their employees. They complained when I redid an area because everything was too high. It was within my reach 🙂

  9. My worst was when i worked in daycare i love kids but when you have to take care of 12 two year olds on your own in one lil room its so exhausting at that age they like to test the limits lol

  10. I would say my worst job ever would be cleaning my office building for extra money. It was a 2 story building with over 50 guys and it was way too much work for not that much money.

  11. I’d like Room At The Inn, your tweets piqued my interest.

    My worst job? Hmm, I worked for a company that reported people’s lost or stolen credit cards. I was in the customer service department, answering the phones. Everyone I talked to was unhappy, angry or drunk (I worked midnight to 8AM). In addition to being upset about their missing credit cards, I also had to deal with people who forgot they signed up for automatic renewal of their membership with us and would yell and swear.

  12. I’ve had a couple.. but the worst was probably as a track vet’s assistant. Riding shotgun next to someone for 8-12 hrs 6 days a week..(You get to know someone pretty well even if you don’t really want to lol) The veterinarian was the most intolerant, racist, homophobic man I’ve ever met. The racetrack wasn’t much better. Watching people out and out cheat at the expense of the animals, seeing men openly abuse each other or women. Observing the track officials turn a blind eye to the cheating & unauthorized medications that are given. Working there didn’t do much for my disposition.. lol or so I was told.

    On a happier note – thanks for the giveaway!! 😀

  13. Definitely working at a cable company call center. People really just talk to you any kind of way when they aren’t looking at your face and there are only so many times I can say “Did you make sure the plug is all the way in the wall?” before the day ends in headdesk. Ah~ so glad to be done with that! lol~ Thanks for the giveaway. 🙂

  14. The worst job out of all I had would be working in a factory dipping sheets of metal inot Arsenic and other solutions and the smell was horrible. That was may years ago though.
    Carol L.
    Lucky4750 (at) aol (dot) com

  15. I had a waitress job at the lunch counter of Walgreen’s Drug Store back when I was 16 yo and in high school. That was pit city!

  16. hum worst job… help in a sushi stand…when i was at the post to explain to the customers etc no problem ( we were even always full) but then they put me to fech teh fish etc problem we were ina convention and it wasn’t near ….try to move between all the people with a big big piece of salmon in your hand

    thank you a lot for the giveaway

  17. My worst job was with Vanguard Airlines. I was a telephone reservationist and hated it when people would call in to ask about why their flights were running late or cancelled. There was no one at the desk to help them, and our supervisors told us to put them off somehow. Not right at all. I was so glad when they went bankrupt and closed.

  18. As a high school band booster, worked at a booth selling nutty ice cream cones at
    our NFL stadium. No fun at all !! Then there was the inventory we worked for the
    same group in a department store. We did get a laugh when a couple of the senior
    boys were assigned to work in the lingerie section!

    Pat C.

  19. What a great hop! Grand prizes, old friends to visit and new ones to meet… and chances to win at each stop too. I’m in Blog heaven! :-}

    I would like to win Dragon’s Moon by Lucy Monroe please.
    Thanks for being part of the hop and for the chance to win.

  20. The worst job I ever had was when I was fifteen, I gave out samples of fruit punch, etc. to drivers at a drive-through dairy store. It was fairly easy, but not very interesting and they made me wear a white uniform.

  21. One of the most horrible jobs I took was cleaning houses. I only did it for extra cash but I ended up working harder on that job than I did on my regular one. The most horrible part was helping an elderly lady clean her house; she hadn’t cleaned ANYTHING in her house in weeks. Not the trash, not the refrigerator, not the bathroom. NOTHING! *shudders* Needless to say, it was disgusting. I think I gagged at several points. I finished the house (2 days later) and then quit. It’s all I can do to this day to clean my own house. ;P

  22. selling the Worsted tasting organic grape juice u can possible image..araggghaa..((giggle))..talking about a rip off …yep I was that sucker born yesterday..((heheeee..!)) thanx 4 the giveaway..:D

  23. My worst job ever was working in an ice cream shop one summer (while in college). Ice cream is one of my favorite things in the world, but it was so hot, sticky, and nasty that summer that I didn’t touch ice cream for 2 years and 20 years later still can’t walk into the ice cream shop.

    kesummer69 at gmail dot com

  24. It wasn’t necessarily a bad job, but I worked in a bakery in High School and it was very bad for my thighs 😉

    Thanks for doing this giveaway!

  25. I worked as a temp and it was generally really dull, but bearable. The worst was one job at which I was treated as an interloper and had complaints made against me all the time for breaking their unwritten rules. The supervisor was very apologetic about it and gave me an excellent evaluation when I quit.

    I don’t think anything is as bad as having to work with uncongenial people.

  26. My worst job was workiing at Jewel Foods, a large grocery store chain. Anyhow, it was an early job for me, I was young. I was the lady who bagged your groceries and collected the grocery shopping carts from the parking lot. But the staff of the store, most of them, they were rude and hurtful to a point that it would shock even customers, how they treated me. I’m thankful I did not stay at the store long and found a better job.

  27. The worst job I had was cleaning bathrooms at restrauants and cleaning up job construction sites. YUCK! I hated it.
    bournmelissa at hotmail dot com

  28. I used to make ladies thigh high stockings…just the elastic top part, stitching the piece of elastic into a circle. That’s it. All. Day. Long. Back and forth between 2 sewing machines. I was paid by the completed bag of elastics.

  29. My absolute worst because it made me permanently phone-phobic–yeah, I made that word up–was my three-month stint as a “market researcher,” which is basically a euphemism for someone who cold calls you at all hours of the day to talk you into taking a survey (not sales, but a lot of talking to strangers). I now hate, hate, hate talking on the phone. It makes me skittish and queasy.

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