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Six Sentence Sunday #13

Happy Sunday! Today is my thirteenth Six Sentence Sunday. Whoa.

Today, I kick off several weeks of excerpts from Ride with Me, my debut release, which will be out from Random House/Loveswept on February 13. Details on the book page.

In this excerpt, we meet Tom, whose sister, Taryn, is in the process of maneuvering him into doing something he doesn’t want to do.

He kicked the corner of the workbench with one boot-clad toe, causing a few boxed tubes to tumble to the floor.

Taryn knew his weakness for hopeless cases. Achilles had that bum heel, and Tom had an unshakeable compulsion to champion the underdog. It never worked out for him any better than the heel had worked out for the Greek. If Tom hadn’t insisted on playing the hero, he wouldn’t have ended up testifying against his own father, destroying his family and his marriage in one disastrous blow. He’d still be a suit, rather than a guy with grease ground so deep into his fingertips it didn’t wash out.

Thanks for dropping in! This week’s other participants in Six Sentence Sunday can be found here.

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