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Six Sentence Sunday #12

Happy Sunday, Sixers!

This week’s six comes from my proposal for a manuscript I’m calling GOOD WITH HIS HANDS, though the truth is that most of the time I call it SEXY GREEN BAY ROOFER MIKE KAMINSKY, after the hero. I wrapped up the proposal and sent it off to the wilds of Editorland this week, so cross your fingers for me that somebody offers to buy it. In case you’re curious, the asking price is a pony. Or, you know, some cash. Whatever. I’m not choosy.

In this scene, Mike has turned up to take Jessie off to a family wedding. She’s his fake girlfriend for the day, and he brought her a corsage. Because who can resist a corsage-application scene?

Carefully, he pinned the flower in place. Such a methodical man. She felt like his model airplane, or a ship in a bottle—the object of his focused attention. It was a curious sensation, intimate in a way that transcended their proximity and the way he touched her.

Though the way he touched her . . . that was nice, too. He was good with his hands.

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